Digital Media Arts students from London South Bank University on the digital encounter with the museum


Digital Media Arts Project (October 2008- February 2009)
At the end of the first year of the project it was noted that whilst participants attended workshops at Tate Britain and continued to document their experience, they made little use of the online blog. Instead they worked to the deadlines for submission to the Image/Sound/Text section of the [E]ditions online publication. The project still wanted explore what a digital encounter might be and negotiated to work with third year students on the BA(Hons)Digital Media Arts programme. Tate Encounters constituted itself as an external client commissioning a series of prototype interface portals for the Tate Encounters Online Archive. In  this session the student disscussed how they ended up on their course, their thougths on digital media and the museum via the Altermodern show next to the Duveen Studios.
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This Recording is part of:

Resolutely Analogue?: Art Museums in Digital Culture
Programme B

Monday 2 March – Friday 6 March 2009

At the outset the research project Tate Encounters chose to use new media for volunteer participants to record their own encounters with Tate Britain as well as a research tool for reflexive documentation and commentary. This took the practical form of a dedicated intranet site and the use of mobile digital recording.

In using new media the project made a number of assumptions about how undergraduate student participants used new media, how this related to the ways in which a national art museum understood the potential of new media and what the use of new media might produce as research data. Having now completed two years of fieldwork, the project is now reflecting upon its initial assumptions and raising a number of critical questions which it aims to share and extend with a wider group interested in the development of new media in relationship to museums.

Some of the initial questions relate to the following:

  • To what extent does the web visitor have agency to ‘act back’ or to ‘author’ their interactions with museum websites?
  • How is new media being conceived as an ‘interpretative’ or ‘augmenting’ dimension of the museum experience and with what effects?
  • How do museums see and understand the value of the use of personal mobile media within the museum?

These questions have been grouped under the title ‘Resolutely Analogue? Art Museums in Digital Culture’ to signal the tension between change and continuity, between new media enthusiasms and traditional museological practices. Issues such as the use of media in the gallery centered on authority and provenance, ownership and copyright, and user engagement will also be discussed throughout the week’s programme.