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New Media and the Museum: Practices and Possibilities

* Sarah Cook, Research Fellow for the Faculty of Arts, Design and Media at University of Sunderland * Ross Parry, Lecturer in Museums and New Media at the University of Leicester Programme Director of Museum Studies at University of Leicester [ click here for presentation ] This session will focus upon the ways in which […]

Artists Using Digital Tools: Social subjects and Digital Aesthetics

Graham Harwood, Artist and educator Gary Stuart, Head of Multimedia at Iniva since Roshini Kempadoo, New media artist, photographer and Reader in Media Practice at University of East London This session looks at new media art projects which have had a relationship to gallery and museum exhibition and asks questions about how artists working with […]

Learning and Teaching in New Media: Questions of Literacy

  Richard Colson, Artist and Senior Lecturer in Digital Arts at Thames Valley University Mike Philips, Reader in Digital Art & Technology and Director of i-DAT [Institute of Digital Art & Technology], University of Plymouth Paula Roush, New media artist and lecturer at London South Bank University and the University of Westminister This session will […]

Digital Media Arts students from London South Bank University on the digital encounter with the museum

Digital Media Arts Project (October 2008- February 2009) At the end of the first year of the project it was noted that whilst participants attended workshops at Tate Britain and continued to document their experience, they made little use of the online blog. Instead they worked to the deadlines for submission to the Image/Sound/Text section […]